Oh what a night….

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Here is a feel good story that happened to me a few months back. Enjoy.

One evening, I was at school working on homework and though…”hmm, I better go and get my car before it gets too late. I do have to take the bus to Everett…an hour away.” So, I take off. As I am crossing 3rd and Pike, downtown Seattle around 7:30PM and getting closer to my bus stop, there is a beautiful Black Elderly Lady standing on the corner. She was wearing an amazing red coat, she has a walking cane, and lovely scarf over her salt and pepper hair. As I am running across the street, she says…

Ms. Lady: Young man, could you please help me cross the street?

I stopped dead in my tracks…

Me: Yes, Ma’am, of course, I will

As I reached for her arm to assist her…

Ms. Lady: not too fast, nanh! (with a slight smile)

Me: No Ma’am. We are going to take our time, I ain’t in no hurry.

Ms. Lady: Thank you, so much. You are such a nice young man, clean cut, too. Thank you.

Me: You are very welcome.

For those of you that know me, you KNOW what I will do. I can get loud if I have to, ask Costco shoppers… I will clear the isles in Costco (Bellingham) when I am pulling 2 carts with 4 kids (Team Hill), and I will stop traffic to help Ms. Lady cross the street. It took us about 3 light cycles to cross the street…and I had traffic stopped in all directions so I could help Ms. Lady get to her bus stop. While on our journey, the conversation continued and she she stopped twice in the middle of the intersection to rest a little. She would look up at me and give me one of the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen and I couldn’t help but to return a smile. We just kept on trucking!

Ms. Lady: I had to go to the dentist today and I stopped by Macy’s on the way home. If they knew I was out here in this street, they would get mad at me.

Me: Don’t worry, I gotcha and we gon’ be alright.

Ms. Lady: You are so nice. In the name of Jesus, thank you! Praise Jesus! I ‘sho’ hope you have accepted Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour…

Me: Yes, Ma’am. I sure have.

Ms. Lady: Amen. Well, we are here and now you can go on about your business. I’ll be waiting on the #4 bus. I can get it from here.

Me: Yes, Ma’am. You have a wonderful rest of your night!

I got a little hug from her, that beautiful smile, and a big applause from people that patiently waited for us to cross the street.

What a night!

What a weekend on January 26, 2014

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My youngest son, Abraham (2 yrs old) had surgery on Friday. It was a double hernia and had an UN-descended testicle anchored. Later that evening, the furnace is operating funny. I call the local HVAC repair company. A technician comes by in less than an hour. We venture out into the garage, he gets his diagnostic tools and checks the furnace and it dies. He was there less than 2 minutes and charges me $90…Really?!? He quotes me $700 for new blower or $2200 new furnace. “What do you want to do?

Saturday morning, “Baby Girl”, Scarlett (6 mos old), was taken to the doctor. She was diagnosed with UTI (urinary track infection) and a GI (Gastrointestinal) virus, and started vomiting. Late Saturday night early Sunday morning, starting at 1am, youngest son (Abraham) started vomiting and it continued through the night. Cue in massive amounts laundry.

Early Sunday morning, middle son, Solomon (4 yrs old) has diarrhea and it’s all over the bathroom. Poor guy, he tried to make it to the bathroom. Then my oldest daughter, Ruby (6 yrs old) starts vomiting right after breakfast, and the best or worst of it is that it wasn’t 10am yet. I still have to write a proposal, shoot a landscape image, critique homework images, edit another image, clean the garage, go to the pharmacy, let my baby love, Nancy my wife get some rest, and sanitize the whole house.

You think Richard Sherman is a shut down corner. You are looking at a shut down dad! “You try me with a sorry weekend, this is what you get! I’m the best in the game right now!”

Yeah, I talk trash too. Lol! That just tickled me!

The end of the day totals…

14 loads of laundry…check.

Completely sanitized the house…check.

Grocery check list including pharmaceuticals…check

Big bowl of Froot Loops (breakfast, lunch and dinner of champions)…check

Fed the chickens, fed the cat, took out the trash, made notations of the furnace parts that were needed, talked to father-in-law about ordering the parts through his company, so I could put it on…saving a poop ton of money…check

40% of my business plan on paper…check

Packed my bags for school next week…check

Garage…gotta wait…check (no check)…grrrrrrr!

Cancelled Netflix so that Nancy could order it so they will have something to watch as the kiddos recover…check…

5 kids dressed and in the bed by 8pm…check.

I say again, can you say “SHUT DOWN DAD” with a “SHUT DOWN MOM” on the other side. The best shut down parents in the game….Ha! Ha! Ha!

When life throws what it wants at you, what are you going to do? I roll with the punches and counter punch. I cant go down without a fight. I will find a way to make things work. There are going to be times when everything will go wrong, and when it does, I will be there to drive on and make it work.

“Are you sure?”…”Yeah, I’m sure…”

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Here is a quick rundown from the last post. Athlete is standing on ice. Athlete runs, athlete is falling…

If you recall, both feet slipped from under me. There was absolutely nothing I could do, but calm down and maintain my composure. Sure, I could give up and let it all go. After all, I slipped at the start of the bobsled race. Anyone could see that I had fallen. No one had ever seen anyone get up and continue the race. The chances of getting up and finishing the race in my sled, was slim to none, and Slim was on a horse heading out of town.

Well, there I was, practically on my hands and knees, looking at my teammate, and my ride, appear smaller and smaller. As I thought to myself, “Lo, take your time. Get up aggressively, and maintain control. And, do this one step at a time”. It’s amazing, but when the “dirty diapers hit the fan”, I relax, compose myself, and make things happen.

I started preparing myself by keeping my hands on the ice to give my upper body a stable platform. Then, getting my feet set and keeping my eyes on my teammate. Once I had both feet planted firmly on the ice, I used the same technique I use in track and field when exploding out of the starting blocks in the 100-meter sprint race. The purpose is to force my right knee forward and my left leg to finish the movement by assisting the rest of my body to move down track. My first 2 steps were long, strong, high-speed and low drag. My teammate was going over the crest and I was about 10 meters behind. I continued my drive phase, caught the sled, loaded up and held on for the ride.

But wait, there’s more…It ain’t over

Relax, You got this…

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In my last blog post, I was giving insight to my mindset and the way I approach different situations. Meaning, I always think of the worst case scenarios. My biggest fear in bobsledding, as a brakeman, was “hitting” the sled and falling down because of slipping on the ice. Well, it happened; the only way Lorenzo knows how to do things…BIG!

We were competing at the Americas Cup Bobsled Race in Calgary, Canada. My pilot, Grayson, and I were going through our pre-race ritual as we are waiting on the track to go live. I start “trash talking” to relaxed him, and I use it to get amped up. After our hand shake and headbutt, we get set. The cadence starts with the brakeman to let the pilot know that he is ready. The pilot repeats the call to let the brakeman know he heard him, and also to let him know that he is ready. Once that is done, there is a slight pause and everything goes in motion.

It was the perfect  hit! We hit the sled with the maximum amount of force; working as one unit; complete synchronization. I had the perfect execution of triple extension, meaning, my ankle joint, knee joint and hips were perfectly aligned. As my foot touched down, it didn’t feel right. I thought to myself, “hmmm, did my foot just slip? It did, but don’t worry, Lorenzo. Your other foot is on the way”.

Its true, my hero foot was on the way. One good thing about the human body is that it will compensate itself if something goes afoot (no pun inte…yeah, pun intended). When my lead foot slipped from under me with the force you need to push a 400lb sled, my follow foot fired forward with the same amount of  force. Thats ok, as long as your follow foot is stable and it allows you to regain control in a split second. The problem I had is that my follow foot slipped, too. And now, my worst nightmare is coming true. Houston, we have a problem.

What’s funny is as I was falling, I kept telling myself…”You got this!”

My worst nightmare comes true…

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Now, its time to get myself out there. I have toyed with the idea of writing a blog, but not necessarily sure as to what to write. I am NOT a writer, although, I did play one on…no I didn’t, but it sounded good in my head.

There are times when I think back to my USA Bobsledding days. Yes, I was a United States Bobsled athlete. “How did you get into bobsledding?”, you ask. Well, let me make a long story long, but shorten it up a little bit. I was in the US Navy and stationed overseas. I chose orders to go to Whidbey Island, Washington. I started running track…doing some open meets, all comers, college and elite meets. My track coach moved to California and advised me to look in to the sport of Bobsled. I did, and was immediately hooked.

As a competitor on ice, you always have the chance of falling down. Its ice and its going to happen. I was talking with another athlete and he told me during a race, his helmet came off. In a bobsled, that’s not good, especially if you crash, and you will crash in a bobsled. This is how it all started. I kept putting myself in bad situations; worst case scenarios, and try to figure out my plan of action BEFORE it happens. My fear was slipping as I “hit” the sled and falling down in the process. I had heard of it happening to other athletes, but never saw it live and in person.

How does this relate to photography and me? I train to expect the unexpected. I think in cases of worse case scenarios. Paranoid, nope, just prepared. Stay tuned

Hello! lorenzohill.com is now live!

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Wow! Its been a long time coming. Well, maybe not that long, but I have been dreaming of this day for a while. And now, its finally here. This is the beginning of my photography career. Check back here from time to time and say hello, what’s up?, how’s it going?, or any other salutation that you can think of.

Thanks for stopping by.

See ya’ later,


P.S. This is officially my first blog! woot woot!

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